The Share Value of These American Giants Keeps Growing

The three giants of the digital landscape, Amazon, Google, and Facebook, are now known as the largest financial empires of the world.

Their shares averaged 50% growth last year and they are performing even better in 2021 despite the Covid-19 pandemic. Profits for these three digital giants continues to rise, thus making it very likely that the increase in share value will not stop. Recently, Amazon share price exceeded $3700; Google is still just over $2600, while Facebook, the least expensive of the three, is over $380.

Is this a good time to invest?

Not only the coronavirus outbreak didn’t stop these 3 giants from growing, it actually helped them. Online sales soared due to the lockdowns around the world, boosting Amazon’s stock price. Also, you need to remember that Amazon, Google, and Facebook have completely revolutionized the digital market and continue to do so, even now. Their American-style business models are now used by everyone, since it is proven that they bring in large revenues. Partnership agreements and constant acquisitions, allow Google, Amazon, and Facebook to be the undisputed leaders of the digital market. For example, 70% of online sales in the United States is handled by Amazon; Facebook has almost 3 billion active users worldwide; and Google retains 70% of online traffic. Big companies like Walmart, Yahoo, and Microsoft have to settle for what little market share remains. Google, Amazon, and Facebook have a turnover of trillions and, according to investors, the above-mentioned data is the reason for their success, and it is also the reason why it is best to invest in Amazon, Google, and Facebook shares now!

Take a look at this simple calculation:

If you had invested $1,000 in Amazon shares 10 years ago, you would now have $17,957.70 in your bank account. A $1000 investment made in August 2011 would be worth $9,024.40, or a gain of 802.44%, as of August 4, 2021. Facebook has shown a smaller gain, since it is the newest of the group, but it is starting to grow now! It is important to note that the Google, Amazon, and Facebook’s upward trend has not stopped and the best is yet to come! The leading national and international financial newspapers confirm this trend and strongly recommend investing in Google, Amazon, and Facebook shares!